35 years management expertise means...

Better self storage performance

The Heron Group

Our practical third-party management services cover the full spectrum of self storage issues, to ensure improved facility operations.

Our goal is to increase your facility's bottom line.

35 years management expertise means...

Better self storage staffing

The Heron Group

The person behind your counter can make or break your operation. We improve those odds substantially through a series of hiring processes.

Our goal is to increase your facility's bottom line.

35 years management expertise means...

Better facility manager training

The Heron Group

Our comprehensive training methods address facility operation, phone skills, sales instinct and customer service.

Our goal is to increase your facility's bottom line.

35 years management expertise means...

Better operations & marketing

The Heron Group

Our inclusive yet efficient approach to operations and marketing uncovers numerous ways to boost income as well as your store's value.

Our goal is to increase your facility's bottom line.

Heron Group - Self Storage Management, Consulting, Training

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This is where The Heron Group really excels beyond competing management solutions. With 35 years of proven real estate experience, we understand what it takes to achieve superior results in self storage, and how to turn those results into tangible and sustainable benefits. In fact, we’re such an esteemed repository of data that financiers come to us for information about industry trends.

For example, we recognize that in the current landscape, occupying existing locations is a better bet than building. Recent years have changed the way we value things, and thanks to a struggling economy, a lot of owners and operators are under stress. We can help alleviate that stress.

Our services range from feasibility studies to investments to exit strategies. When you’re ready to consider building your first facility, buying another facility, or selling a facility, we are here to walk you through the process successfully. Our studies and reviews are easily converted into a real estate and/or management plan that allows you to take charge and achieve profitability in the shortest possible time.

Here are some of the issues we can help you understand and evaluate:

  • Market size and potential demand in the surround communities
  • Find the right investors, brokers, underwriting on acquisition

The self storage market is pretty challenging these days—and it doesn’t look like it will get easier any time soon. With consumers unaware of the diversity among facilities, the difference between a thriving business and a floundering one is largely in the hands of the person behind the counter.

Our biggest priority in third-party self storage management is improving your bottom line. Your revenues, expenses and return on investment should be in line with your expectations as well as with top players in the market. To those ends, we facilitate a comprehensive business plan for increasing revenue and decreasing expenses where possible and appropriate at your site.

That plan is important, but what’s even more important is implementation, tracking and reporting. Our proven track record, attention to detail, and strong relationships in the self storage industry (see “Our People”) all serve to support business setup and performance.

We also understand today’s technology. Our awareness of everything that’s available on the market today – as well as the pros and cons of integration – help us to determine effective and efficient ways to manage self storage operations with technological support. We don’t implement technology for technology’s sake—there has to be perceived benefit to your wallet.

The Heron Group covers the full spectrum of strategies needed to boost a bottom line including finance and operations:

Operators today face intense competition, increasing expenses and shifting consumer demand. That’s why marketing is more important than ever to the self storage business. Unfortunately, marketing itself is growing more complicated, thanks to the burgeoning popularity of the web for everything from shopping to socializing. And the web never stops changing. Just trying to keep up with trends is tough.

The good news: Our group is known for more than real estate sense and operations acumen. When it comes to marketing, we’re pretty savvy. As third-party managers, we assist in facility marketing and promotion (both traditional and digital)—from fund allocation to strategies for capturing renters

We address topics such as the importance of tracking marketing efforts, converting leads to customers, using social media, direct email campaigns, print and online directories, localized tactics, even hosting community events. In one notable case, we drove a client’s site to 80,000 web visits per month! pharmacy online

We facilitate the full meal deal of marketing, merchandising, and uncovering hidden profit centers:

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Our People

At the helm of The Heron Group is Robert Francis. He has spent 20 years of his 35-year property management career amassing successes in the self storage industry.

Bob holds the designation of a Certified Property Manager from the Institute of Real Estate Management. He is a Florida-licensed Real Estate Broker, served as Chair of the Self Storage Association in 2008 and is an instructor in the Self Storage Association’s MCC program and a frequent contributor to industry publications and periodicals—he has been published dozens of times.

Bob is one of the more active educators in self storage and has taught classes all over the country. He specializes in teaching underwriting courses and is a member of the senior education staff for the SSA. He was also one of the original developers of the self storage investor course. He headed the annual FOCUS expenses reports for five years.

As the well-regarded skipper of The Heron Group, Bob educates, supervises, and/or networks with dozens of consultants, vendors and staff who assist him in improving clients’ bottom lines. buy doxycycline online

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About Us

Self storage may seem like a simple business model, but there are a lot of nuances. The same goes for third-party management. So if you’re shopping for a management company, we suggest you take the time to do your homework and interview a number of companies. That’s because we’re confident it will lead you back to The Heron Group—and the partnership that will make you a winner in the trade.

We don’t just manage others’ properties. the canadian pharmacy 24-7 We own and operate our own facilities. Thus we understand the business from the owner’s perspective. You need flexibility and timely communication from your consulting firm, because your facility has unique challenges. Sure, we’re experts and we understand the rhythm of micro-markets. But we also pride ourselves on being approachable and focusing the right amount of attention on each client. In fact, we intentionally limit our services to ten or twelve exclusive clients, so as to allow ourselves that focus. We’re confident that we can help you increase your returns to a level that most individual investors couldn’t accomplish alone.

We offer a wide variety of services geared to your exact needs. An efficient operation is the end goal.

  • Feasibility and professional market assessments
  • Site plan, unit mix and layout reviews
  • Site and property acquisition services
  • Economic performance reviews
  • Independent site audits or property reviews
  • Selection, training and supervision of on-site staff
  • Operational reviews of a site, an area or company
  • Mystery telephone or walk-in shopping services
  • Full property management services
  • Company, regional or on-site, training and seminars that generate real results

Our services span North America. We’re based in the warm, friendly climate of the southeastern U.S. and thus named the company for the majestic bird roosting nearby in our Florida wetlands. The Heron Group was founded by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who has dedicated his career to the self storage industry for more than 20 years.

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