About Us

Self storage may seem like a simple business model, but there are a lot of nuances. The same goes for third-party management. So if you’re shopping for a management company, we suggest you take the time to do your homework and interview a number of companies. That’s because we’re confident it will lead you back to The Heron Group—and the partnership that will make you a winner in the trade.

We don’t just manage others’ properties. We own and operate our own facilities. Thus we understand the business from the owner’s perspective. You need flexibility and timely communication from your consulting firm, because your facility has unique challenges. Sure, we’re experts and we understand the rhythm of micro-markets. But we also pride ourselves on being approachable and focusing the right amount of attention on each client. In fact, we intentionally limit our services to ten or twelve exclusive clients, so as to allow ourselves that focus. We’re confident that we can help you increase your returns to a level that most individual investors couldn’t accomplish alone.

We offer a wide variety of services geared to your exact needs. An efficient operation is the end goal.

  • Feasibility and professional market assessments
  • Site plan, unit mix and layout reviews
  • Site and property acquisition services
  • Economic performance reviews
  • Independent site audits or property reviews
  • Selection, training and supervision of on-site staff
  • Operational reviews of a site, an area or company
  • Mystery telephone or walk-in shopping services
  • Full property management services
  • Company, regional or on-site, training and seminars that generate real results

Our services span North America. We’re based in the warm, friendly climate of the southeastern U.S. and thus named the company for the majestic bird roosting nearby in our Florida wetlands. The Heron Group was founded by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who has dedicated his career to the self storage industry for more than 20 years.